Product Description: 
1.The center conduction of the 4 pairs FTP Cat.6 cable is made of 23AWG bare copper. This kind of cable also adopts PE material to be the dielectric, AL foil to be the shield and fireproof material to be the jacket. Besides, the “+” cross inner frame set in the center is good for keeping the balance and quality, which is so important for the cat.6 communication.
2. This Cat.6 FTP cable meets the related standards:
3. All the electrical characteristics exceed the latest Cat.6 standards of ISO/IEC.
4. LSZH: means “Low smoke zero halogen”, which is the symbol of environmental protection.
Electrical Characteristics: 
1. Return resistance: 14.9/100m
2. Impedance: 100±5
3. Static electric capacity: 46pF/m1KHz
4. Unbalance capacity: 100pF/100m 


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