FO Patch Box, Wall
Mounted, SC/FC/ST type

1. The shell is high intensified & insulated material, thus having excellent mechanic performance and it is solid and durable
2. Deploys face and side face door 
3. Adopts the imported lock 
4. Maximum core can reach 24C 
5. Piece adapter panel can fix FC、SC、ST 
6. Setup strength cores and fiber root seat 
7. Complete accessories
8. Can be installed on wall

1. Perfect and reliable sealing operations 
2. Splicing, slack storage and distribution 
3. Easy to operation 
4. Grounding reliable,protect safe 
5. Guarantee the curvature radius≥40mm 
6. Apply to extensive field 
7. Simple installation and maintenance.

Application: In Fiber access, It is designated for fiber termination, protection and distribution 






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